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Customer Tyre Fitting

Our experienced Crews are available to fit, balance and align your tyres. And even if you’ve ordered your tyres elsewhere, it’s not a problem. We’ll be more than happy to fit them for you too. We will take all the hassle out of the process.

The cost would be between £10 to £20 which include wheel balancing, new valve and old tyres disposal. We can give you the best advice for your tyre needs to get you back on the road as quickly and safely as possible. Call us to book an appointment or email us for any questions.

Puncture repairs

If you have a puncture, Tyreland specialists are there to check the tyre for you and to fix it professionally and safely. Approx half of all flat tyres caused by a puncture can be repaired safely and without too much expense or even the need for a replacement tyre.

We can carry out puncture repairs on most car tyres, as long as the tyre is serviceable (not excessively worn, perished or been run on flat) and the puncture is within the repairable area. This is done by chemically bonding a mushroom shaped plug patch to the tyre’s inner lining.

Wheel balancing

Correct balancing procedure is to ensure safe, comfortable handling of your vehicle When you feel a vibration in the steering wheel, your wheels may be out of balance which, as well as being uncomfortable, can create poor handling. This is a dangerous situation that could lead to an accident. If the problem persists, you can damage your suspension, which is an expensive repair.

The equipment we used is used and approved by all the major vehicle manufacturers and, as such, we can ensure you get that ‘new car’ feeling when you leave our centre.

MOT & Servicing

We can provide MOT test and servicing. Your vehicle must be in a ‘roadworthy’ condition and it is the law that every vehicle over the age of 3 years old has a valid MOT. It is a legal requirement that your vehicle must be tested on an annual basis.

Tyreland offers car servicing and repairs tailored to your requirements, we can resolve a number of problems with your vehicle quickly and efficiently. Our garage services are affordable and competitively priced. Conducted by our team of experts, you can have peace of mind that your car is in the best hands.


If your car is having a braking problem, whether it’s weak brakes, a mushy pedal, grinding sounds – whatever your brake problem is, you need to troubleshoot and repair it as soon as possible. Following a brake check you can choose to have any repair or replacement work done quickly and efficiently using parts from leading and trusted brake manufacturers..

All our brakes specialists at Tyreland are fully trained and have extensive experience so our customers can feel confident that the job will be carried out to the highest standards.


With the condition of roads of late, your vehicles suspension is under huge stress and strain. We have seen an increase in suspension related faults recently. Many of which are undetectable! Road Springs can break, Shock absorbers can begin to leak, Suspension bushes wear at a greater rate, leading to squeaks and knocks.

Symptoms of worn or damaged suspension system include: clunking noises especially over bumps, unevenly worn tyres, vague steering or If you are experiencing any of these problems, get in touch & we’ll help diagnose the problem.